Prediction of football results: Everton 2-1 Man Utd


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Man Utd is in a very high state of excitement after the “destruction” of Leeds Utd last weekend. However, Everton is not an easy opponent to be arrested despite they have been subdued by the Reds this season.

Man Utd is a club that receives a lot of attention from people watching football in the Premier League at the moment. After the demolition of Leeds Utd with a Set Tennis win over the weekend, the Reds climbed a streak to 3rd place and only had the top 5 points in the context of still a match in the game. hand.

The exuberant spirit is what one sees at Old Trafford at this time. Therefore, there is nothing for teachers and coaches Ole Solskjaer to hesitate when they march to Everton’s field in the Carabao Cup quarter-finals tonight. It should be remembered that Manchester’s red half beat The Toffees in the Premier League this season at Gooddison Park.

However, compared to that time, now Everton has returned. After a series of disappointing matches, coach and coach Carlo Ancelotti are showing remarkable strength. In the last 3 rounds, the Merseyside team has in turn let the three big names Chelsea, Leicester and Arsenal lie at their feet. The solid and dangerous defensive style in the Everton counterattack is becoming a nightmare for every club.

Prediction of football results Everton 2 1 Man Utd - Prediction of football results: Everton 2-1 Man Utd

Therefore, Man Utd is expected to have an not easy trip. That is not to mention the possibility that coach Solskjaer will have to rotate the force to ensure the fitness of the players. However, if Marcus Rashford can be replaced by Edison Cavani, which name will be enough to replace Bruno Fernandes?

The Portuguese midfielder shows that he is the irreplaceable name of the Reds at the present time. If you tightly grasp the range of Bruno, the ability of Everton to win will be increased. After the defeat at the last meeting with Man Utd, surely a veteran leader like Carlo Ancelotti could not help but see the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses to have a suitable approach.

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