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That our magazine is doing as great as it is thanks to all our readers who are loyal to us and keep checking us out, but also thanks to the help of the individuals that sponsor us.

Rachel O’Leary – Broker

Rachel is a dear friend of our creator’s and she has seen it fit to finance our little experiments to try and test new methods that we come up with, or are advised to check. As a broker, she finds it interesting to see how we manage the risks and she claims she actually learns a thing or two from our betting adventures.

Michael Good – Bettor

This is yet another good friend who likes to invite us over to join him in GAA games, where he bets against us always, just to add excitement to the experience. He is a great bettor, but oftentimes he claims we have dealings with the game’s authorities because we keep beating him every time. He has been of huge help to learn what not to do.

Christopher Tiernan – Golfer

We weren’t very interested in golf, but this guy invited us over to some of the most exciting tournaments in the UK and now we are hooked. The magazine is named after him, given that he has helped us learn so much and got us into a sport we never knew we could enjoy and bet on.

Tina Moore – Bookmaker

Her predictions are incredibly accurate and she has oftentimes provided us with her advice for free, sharing her insights with us. Tina has also brought us along with her to certain horse races and other sports events where she has taught us what to look for, in order to place accurate wagers.

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