How Do Bookmakers Offer Football Betting Odds?


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For those who gamble , understand all the odds of the match are from the company, the bookmaker. At the same time, the difference between the teams clearly determines the bet format.

For example, if a team with a low stakes but wins a lot, their chances of winning are very low, otherwise the team with low odds is easier to win – Barcelona vs Leicester city in the tournament The recent Premier League has proved that, the odds of Barca eating in the betting position are only 8 – 10, and the opposite of Leicester City, the ratio of winning can reach 40 or even 50.

So if you wonder and ask why, some fans responded like this: If the companies, the bookmakers set the odds too much will lead to them losing, the result is usually given an exactly, or otherwise, some say that bookmakers always have experts who calculate the probabilities in each odds to protect their interests. So is everything as it happens or not?

In fact, it is impossible for the experts to set up a model of algebraic calculation based on many factors that can change the result of the match in a short time because if there is a week. How can we calculate all of them when 20 – 30 matches take place? Even, scientists in the world still spend a lot of time on a process of researching a certain mathematical model because it requires high precision and expertise. So that’s not possible but what other way for the bookmakers to survive?

Football Betting Odds - How Do Bookmakers Offer Football Betting Odds?

The bookmakers have a simpler handicap method that is suitable for use in every match and at the same time ensures that the profits are either good or profitable enough to maintain and develop. They do not rely on the match to draw, they rely on a certain range of bets to be profitable by the company. In particular, among them is the profit from the winning interest from the winners who do not eat the full amount of the bet and the loser loses completely.

For example, with the Premier League, the match between Chelsea and the dealer Souphamton only has to make the bet against Chelsea is 0.8 and the match for Souphamton is 0.9. If Chelsea won, they would have made 20% profit from Souphamton’s bet if the sum of money was taken together, otherwise Souphamton won, the one still got 10% profit from Chelsea. It is also the amount of profits that companies earn and if the more players with the more money, the balance between the two bets – faint or 3 wins and losses, the greater the profit they bring. However, not every match is so easy to be counted like that because what if Chelsea meets promoted teams? With all the Chelsea followers, the house will die. So, it also adopts some other factors such as ball handicap, mid game to compensate for a few games even though it is basically!

In conclusion, if the bookmakers want revenue, what they do is not predict the outcome but rather predict the bet values ​​of different types of bets. The result is also easy to change if there are some important decisions of the referee such as a red card or a mistake in the penalty of the card between the two teams leading to a break (break). Therefore, the betting with the above bet range also creates more credibility, making it easier for players to choose the bet without much hesitation because the king sport is an unlucky sport game that no one predicts.

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