Football betting: Why you should follow the lower door?


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According to expert Dean Smith, in the form of Asian betting, choosing the underdogs (to accept the ball) brings a higher chance of winning.

With the handicap, the two teams are no longer considered stronger or weaker but equal, meaning that the person who chooses the weak team has a 50% chance of success with a “normal” score.

And if the score “normal” always appeared, then football would not be considered the number one sport on the planet. Football always contains an element of surprise, meaning victory for the “underdog”.

Before you agree or disagree with Sean Smith, please consult a little of this expert’s experience: 6 years of football commentary for major newspapers BBC, ESPN, The Guardian, The Independent, 2 years of professional betting. career and 6 years working for betting companies. In short, Smith was on both sides of the front lines before becoming a neutral expert!

Football betting Why you should follow the lower door - Football betting: Why you should follow the lower door?

It is a matter of experience. Let’s find out what the scientific basis of the bottom pull advocacy is. It can be started from the immortal words of former England coach Graham Taylor: “When you keep winning, the truth is, you are not as strong as I hoped. When you continually fail, the truth is, you are not as weak as you worry. An amazingly self-confessed comment!”

The problem is not that Taylor thinks his England team is too weak after a series of defeats, but rather the odds of it. After all, odds are not the betting company’s judgment, but the mindset of the crowd. If the majority predict England – on the basis of the last series of records – is weaker than some competitor XYZ, then the betting company will necessarily offer a lower bonus on the result of team XYZ’s victory, which means XYZ is the team “underdog”, must accept if predicting Asian style.

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