About Golf Westport

feautured image About Golf Westport - About Golf Westport

Golf Westport is a digital magazine dedicated to sharing content and information related to the sports betting industry in Ireland. We review the most important sports news and the top sporting events that the Irish love to bet on.

Our Creator

Back in 2015, a broker named Josh Ferguson started with sports betting and he began to gather all the information he could to increase his chances of earning a profit. Josh quickly became somewhat of an expert when it came to placing wagers on the most famous sports that the Irish, like him, love to bet on.

He had plenty of spare time and loves writing, which led him to consider the idea of creating some kind of digital platform to talk about what he was passionate about. He wanted to make it a team effort with some of the friends he’d made in the world of sports and betting and thus our team was formed.

Our Intentions

When we all got together to create this magazine, our main intention was to put our extensive knowledge out there and it was a bit of an ego stroke, to begin with. However, slowly but surely we started getting so much positive feedback that we learnt to enjoy the fact that our readers were learning and picking up new things thanks to us.

Nowadays there is a healthy competition between us regarding which one of us posts the most useful article, and which one gets the most positive comments on them. This is a fun project that we have taken on for people that want to have fun and beat their friends and family at gambling with sports.

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