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While people from every corner of the planet have been known to enjoy the pleasures of gambling, for the Irish culture in particular it is almost as common as drinking tea. The country’s favourite pastime has been taking risks and placing wagers for centuries now and you will find that most Irish people are fond of their betting.

Since it is such an important part of Irish daily life and entertainment of choice, Irish gamblers have a reputation for being highly skilled at making accurate predictions. They are known for having both great luck and also for making informed decisions when it comes to placing their wagers, as they don’t leave everything to chance.

A bit of History

feautured image Betting As Common as Tea for the Irish A bit of History - Betting - As Common as Tea for the Irish

Since the year 1931, all gambling activities in Ireland entered a lawful state where they were taxed and regulated properly. Although this was a good start, it wasn’t until 1956 when the Gaming and Lotteries act came to be a reality and it was a great piece of legislation in spite of excluding casinos.

Over the years, private clubs that work as casinos and betting shops in general, have thrived in the Emerald Island, offering bettors a home and a place to have fun.

And, if we are going to talk about the history of gambling in Ireland, we just need to mention Barney Curley, who’s spectacular wins have been made part of the country’s folklore. He specialized in horse racing and developed a knack to get one over the bookmarkers.

The Most Important Irish Betting Firms

feautured image Betting As Common as Tea for the Irish The Most Important Irish Betting Firms - Betting - As Common as Tea for the Irish

In addition to all major online bookmakers that take Irish sign-ups without any issues, there are actually Irish bookmakers online that are just as reliable.


This is the most important Irish bookmaker and it has made a name for itself by employing extravagant and out of the ordinary marketing campaigns. They have set trends this way and made their status even more solid by joining the betting world’s giant that is Betfair.

Payment and Deposit Options

feautured image Betting As Common as Tea for the Irish Payment and Deposit Options - Betting - As Common as Tea for the Irish

Since they are allowed to have accounts in every important and international bookmaker, the average Irish bettor has a wide range of payment and deposit options available to use. They can use everything from Visa and MasterCard to e-wallets such as PayPal and Skrill, regular bank transfers, pre-paid cards, and even cheque.

Of all these options, the e-wallets are perfect to protect a bettor because they distance the payments a user makes from their bank account data. Moreover, the funds can still be transferred effectively and efficiently from the e-wallet to the actual bank accounts to be used.

The Irish have embraced gambling as their favourite pastime for years now and this has made them experts. They have all the best options and a variety of sites to choose from when it comes to placing their expertly picked wagers. If you aren’t Irish you can certainly learn a thing or two from these people, when it comes to gambling.

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